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Green Initiative
Serving the Produce Industry Since 1925 Monte Package Company insists that our suppliers develop, maintain and promote packaging that is sustainable in the promotion of our "Green Initiative". After all, it is only the right thing to do.

Over 80% the hinged berry baskets/clamshells that we supply the industry are manufactured from PETE. This is the product that most/all pop bottles are made of. Because of that fact, we are able to source for our customers product lines that have a high level (sometimes in excess of 50%) of recycled material in the manufacturing of these type products. Manufacturers receive the cleaned and washed scrap and develop a mix with virgin material to produce sheets and then form clamshells.

We have supply sources all over South America and North America, as logistically we need to be where ALL of our customers reside.

In conjunction with the above, we have vendors of our supplies that are using alternative energy resources for power. This alternative energy resource includes the use of a "Sun Farm" to produce energy. This is CLEAN power that reduces the amount of greenhouse gases released to the atmosphere, while simultaneously reducing the amount of oil, coal and natural gas being used in manufacturing.

We have also been very successful in the "substitution/replacement" of polyethylene foam trays, where applicable.

In addition Monte Package Company has also converted over 50% of the waxed (cascaded) non-recyclable cartons, that we supply the vegetable growing industry, to a "Dry Alternative" that is recyclable.

We are committed to excellence in customer service. Part of that commitment is fulfilling the needs of retailers, growers/packers and shippers while maintaining the "fitness for-use" standard that is paramount in the foundation of all packaging that we develop for our customers. We can, will and have worked with retailers when necessary and when asked to promote a certain item or agenda. Bottom line is we take ALL aspects of the process into effect when "going to market". It has proven truly successful over three generations.
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